OPW Unleaded Nozzle Vapor Assist Decommissioning Hanging Hardware Conversion Kit

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3/4 in.
Product Type:
Vapor Assist to Unleaded Prepay
8.5 ft.
8.00 LBS
$417.38 - $417.45
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Upgrade your dispenser with quick and easy hanging hardware kits from OPW! These kits are all pre-assembled making installation a breeze thus reducing dispenser downtime. Order your factory assembled kit today!

The Unleaded kits are the ideal solution when you are converting or decommissioning your dispenser from stage II vapor assist to standard hardware as it includes a vapor assist to conventional hose adapter for your dispenser.

These Kits come with a certificate assuring they were 100% tested and certified by OPW ensuring warranty compliance.

Kit Includes

  • A - 3/4" 11B Series Prepay Nozzle
  • B - 3/4" 241TPS 2-Plane Swivel
  • C - 3/4" x 9" Whip Hose, 3/4" NPT Ends
  • D - 3/4" 68EZR Reconnectable Breakaway
  • E - 3/4" x 8 1/2' Dispensing Hose, 3/4" NPT Ends
  • F - Fillgard™ Splash Guard Color will match Nozzle
  • G - Vac-Assist to Conventional Adaptor