OPW 2 in. Stainless Steel Straight Coupler w/ Chemraz Seals

2 in.
Stainless Steel
Product Type:
Cam and Groove Style x FNPT
5.19 LBS
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OPW Kamvalok Dry Disconnect Couplings are considered the standard of the industry. Used at liquid transfer points where product loss could occur, OPW Kamvaloks provide a reliable solution to prevent spillage during connection or disconnection.

Please Note: These couplers must be used in conjunction with a 1600 series adapter (sold separately).


Manufactured in compliance with the highest quality standards of design, materials and construction Cam and Groove Design – The cam and groove design makes connection and disconnection smooth and easy Lever Actuation – The open / close lever action helps ensure that liquid flow can only begin once the coupling and adapter are securely coupled. The lever provides for smooth opening and closing even for high pressure applications 360 Degree Orientation – The coupling can be connected in any orientation onto the adapter


Sizes in Inches (Approximate) 1 1/2" 2" 3"
A Length of Body 8" 8.81" 10.03"
B Diameter of Body 3.12" 3.52" 5.50"
C Distance across Cam Arms - closed 4.75" 5.22" 7.34"
C1 Distance across Cam Arms - open 8.94" 9.41" 14.78"
D Centerline of Shaft to end of Handle 6.06" 6.06" 6.06"
E Diameter of Coupler End 3.12" 3.52" 5.50"
F Length from Pipe End to end of Handle 7.98" 8.03" 8.56"
G Centerline of Coupler to top of Handle 3.56" 3.75" 4.53"
H Pipe Thread (NPT) 1.50" (DN40) 2" (DN50) 3" (DN80)

Flow Chart

Kamvalok Operation