OPW 1000 Series Self Service Nozzle (NGV1 Type 1) for CNG Fueling Systems - 3600 PSI Nozzle - SAE - 6, 9/16 in. - 18 UNF

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SAE - 6, 9/16 in. - 18 UNF
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OPW 1000 Series self-service nozzles are designed for high flow public and private CNG fueling systems. Applications include quick-fill, self-service fueling of automobiles, light trucks, shuttle buses and vans. All OPW NGV fueling nozzles are designed and built to exacting engineering specifications for fueling safety and efficiency.

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  • User-Friendly Single-Action Operation - engage nozzle and receptacle with a 180° rotation of the handle. This secures nozzle jaws onto receptacle, activating a system of three internal valves that regulate fueling. The nozzle will not dispense gas until securely engaged onto an appropriate receptacle. When fueling is complete, rotate the handle to the disconnect position to automatically stop the flow of gas into the vehicle, vent the trapped gas and release the nozzle from the receptacle. The 1000 Series nozzles connect directly to the hose, with no need for a three-way valve. Designed for public or private self-service applications, no attendant is needed.
  • High-Flow/Fast-Fill Capability - provides quick fueling of medium storage vehicles. Internal seals are designed for fast-fill NGV fueling.
  • Internal Filter - captures gas-borne debris commonly found in CNG systems. Filter protects against impurities in the high velocity gas stream that can damage the nozzle and receptacle seals and the vehicle fuel system.
  • Directed Vent (CT1000) - captures the gas vented at disconnect and directs it out of the nozzle via a 1/4" stainless steel vent tube (requires -4 compression adaptor), which can be piped to a remote venting location or back to the upstream side of the compressor. Capturing vent gas is environmentally desirable by agencies such as the EPA and provides an added measure of safety by minimizing the amount of gas present at the filling site. It also reduces vent noise and eliminates escaped gas smell.
  • Jaw-Lock Technology - designed specifically for the frequent coupling and uncoupling of the high-pressure gas connections of NGV fueling. Forces at the contact point are distributed over the entire surface area of the receptacle.
  • Ergonomic Design - one simple and convenient motion ensures connection and dispensing by all users. Insulated jacket protects operator’s hand.
  • Durable Construction - heavy-duty brass and stainless steel construction provides corrosion resistance in the harsh refueling environment.
  • Meets NGV1 Fueling Standard - can be used to fuel any vehicle with an NGV1 profile receptacle.
  • Tamper Resistant - specially designed cam system actuates the front and rear module. Tampering with the valve results in immediate dispensing shut-off. Individually Leak Tested and Inspected with Traceable Serial Number
  • Agency Listings - ASME Pressure Vessel Registered, Railroad Commission of Texas, ANSI/AGA/CGA NGV1 Type 1 (CT1000). Class A Certified, German Pressure Vessel Ordinance (Druckbeh V) Approved (P30 models only). Bauart number 02CDN1.


  • Body: brass
  • Jaws: stainless steel
  • Spring: steel
  • Internal Components: stainless steel, jaws-stainless steel
  • Seals: specialty polymers and elastomers for NGV applications