OPW 10 Series Emergency Shut-Off Valves

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OPW 10 Series Emergency Shear Valves are installed on fuel-supply lines beneath dispensers at grade level to minimize hazards associated with collision or fire at the dispenser. If the dispenser is pulled over or dislodged by collision, the top of the valve breaks free at the integral shear groove, activating poppets that shut off the flow of fuel.

Single-poppet models shut off supply flow, while double-poppet models shut off supply as well as prevent release of fuel from the dispenser’s internal piping. The base of the emergency valve is securely anchored to the concrete dispenser island through a stabilizer bar system within the dispenser sump or pan to ensure proper shearing action.


  • High Flow Capacity: The primary poppet is held out of the flow stream while the secondary poppet is held normally open to minimize head loss across the valve and to protect the poppet seals from damage and erosion. True 1-1/2" (4 cm) and 2" (5 cm) body sizes ensure maximum flow.
  • Fire Protection: A fusible link trips the valve closed at 165° F to shut off fuel supply to the dispenser.
  • Main Poppet Seat Integral to the Top Assembly: Having the main poppet seat as an integral part of the valve top assures a new, clean seating surface is installed each time the top is replaced. This design also ensures that the integrity of the seal between the valve top and bottom is verified during line testing and allows full inspection of the main poppet when the top is removed.
  • Duragard®-Coat Finish: Provides superior corrosion resistance.
  • Reliable Shut-off: A stainless steel main spring, a Teflon®-coated brass packing nut, and a copper/nickel/ chrome-plated brass stem are designed to prevent tar build-up and corrosion from interfering with poppet operation after long periods of normal service without activation.
  • Integral Test Port: A 3/8" (9.5 mm) Test Port allows the piping system to be air-tested without breaking any piping connections.
  • Patented Thermal Relief Valve: Relieves excessive pressure over 25 psi caused by thermal expansion of fuel in the dispenser piping system in the event of fire (double-poppet models only).
  • Low-Profile Tops: Female and Union-top double-poppet valves have a low-profile top to allow upgrading from OPW single-poppet valves without changing existing piping.
  • Multiple Mounting Options: Valves are boss-mounted to stabilizer bars in sumps and pans or mounted to bars embedded in the island with optional U-Bolt kits 10UBK-015 (not included). Versatile Combination Body (boss mount/U-Bolt mount) models are available to accommodate most mounting applications with one valve style.
  • Underwriters Laboratories: Listed for use with gasoline and 85% and 100% methanol. All OPW 10 Emergency Shut-Off Valves meet requirements of UL STANDARD 842.


  • Top: Cast iron
  • Body: Cast iron
  • Disc: M-19
  • Carrier: Zinc-plated steel
  • Stem: Copper-nickel-chrome-plated brass
  • Poppet spring: Stainless steel
  • Seal: M-19 O-ring Packing
  • Nut: Brass, Teflon®-coated
  • Inlet and outlet thread: 1 1/2" (4 cm) NPT (British threads available) With black Duragard® E-coating