Neptune 832 Series Preset Mechanical Registers - 832-19 - Single - Gallons, tenths

Gallons, tenths
22.00 LBS
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The 800 Series Register is specifically designed for petroleum refining, distribution, and industrial process industries. Models 832 has the basic 830 features plus a preset register that provides automatic deliveries. The operator sets the register for the desired quantity from the front panel. The flow will cut off automatically at the exact volume desired when used in conjunction with either a mechanical valve or a solenoid actuated valve. There are two preset models available, a single trip for one stage shutoff or a double trip for two stage shutoff (delivery decreases, then the final shutoff stops the delivery).

If you are not reusing your existing meter gears for calibration, please see the “Neptune Register Calibration” PDF in the Downloads tab to order the appropriate calibration Change Gears for your new Neptune Register. 


  • Standard eight (8) digit non-resettable totalizer, five (5) digital delivery display, four (4) digit preset, and five (5) or six (6) digit printer
  • Measurement in gallons, tenths of gallons, litres, dekalitres, pounds and kilograms
  • High visibility 3/4" (19.05 mm) wheels
  • Long life, precision die cast Zamac printer wheels provide clear, sharp, easy to read tickets
  • Rugged Zamac housing and durable heavy gauge steel shroud prolongs the life of 800 Series Registers and allows their use in all types of weather
  • Acetal resin register wheels, totalizer wheels, and preset wheels assures smooth operation, lower torque and higher speeds


Product Manual (PDF Download)

Tech Sheet (PDF Download)

Parts List (PDF Download)

Neptune Register Calibration (PDF Download)