Neptune 600 Series Mechanical Registers

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The 600 series register is mechanically driven designed for easy adaptation to a local or remote batching and recording system. The 600 series register offers a 5 digit delivery quantity reset similar to the Models 831/841 and an 8 digit non-resettable totalizer. It is fully mechanical and does not offer mechanical preset or ticket printing options.

If you are not reusing your existing meter gears for calibration, please see the “Neptune Register Calibration” PDF in the Downloads tab to order the appropriate calibration Change Gears for your new Neptune Register.


  • Five (5) digit roller type reset wheels, with 3/4" (19.05 mm) numerals for ease in reading (up to 10-15 feet). The large size of the wheels of the 600 Series Register allows the operator to perform other tasks while watching the flow situation at the flow meter.
  • Five (5) large reset wheels can be reset to zero by pushing in and rotating reset handle mounted on the right side of the register.
  • Eight (8) small non-resettable totalizing wheels mounted at the top right of the register front serve as an odometer.
  • Approximately 8" wide by 4" tall and 6" deep.
  • Low profile for ease in retro fit installations.
  • Light weight (6.4 lb). heavy gauge steel outer casing
  • Ability to mount all digital and analog pulse transmitters, calibrated output
  • Available in all practical units of measure - US and Imperial Gallons, Litres, Decalitres, Pounds and Kilograms
  • Can be used for manual batching applications. The operator resets the register to "zero" and starts flowing product through the meter. The operator then watches the amount flowing through the meter as shown on the register. The operator stops the flow as the delivery reaches the desired quantity; therefore, manually batching the amount of product needed. This is very difficult with non-resettable, totalizing registers (i.e., Model 157).


Tech Sheet (PDF Download)

Parts List (PDF Download)

Neptune Register Calibration (PDF Download)