Morrison Bros. 351S 2 in. FNPT Flame Arrester/ Pressure Vacuum Vent - 12 oz/sq inch

Morrison Bros.
2 in. Female NPT
12 oz/sq inch
Venting Capacity:
13,000 CFH
45.00 LBS
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Flame arresters provide a positive barrier that keeps flames from passing through the normal vent line into a storage tank’s vapor space.

Note: Vacuum Setting 1.0 oz / sq. Inch


  • Directs vapors outward and upward in accordance with NFPA 30
  • Protects the vent line from debris and insects
  • Water resistant rain cap sheds water away from the vent line

Construction Details:

  • Body and cover: Cast iron
  • Arrester Plates: Stainless steel
  • Arrester grid housing: Brass


  • Do not use with acetylene, carbon disulfide, etheleneoxide or hydrogen gases. For use with normal hydrocarbon flames such as gasoline in air.
  • Routine inspection is required to ensure airways are clear and free of debris. Blocked airways can cause structural deformation of the tank.