Morrison Bros. 9095C 2 in. AST Overfill Prevention Valves w/ 2 in. Dry Disconnect Adapter - Low Profile, Top Fill

Morrison Bros.
Top Fill
Valve Inlet:
2 in. Dry Disconnct Adaptor
Tank Opening:
4 in. Male NPT
2 in.
9.64 LBS
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Designed for use in pressurized fill systems and requires a tight fill connection. The unique design can be used on low profile storage tanks requiring a high shut-off point. When installed to the manufacturer’s specifications, the overfill prevention valve can help eliminate hazardous spills. A mechanical test mechanism is available and sold separately. The test mechanism allows a technician to pull the test line at any time during the filling process to actuate the float and stop the fill. This allows a technician to verify the valve is working properly.


  • Shut-off level can be set to 1 1/4” from the top of the tank
  • Top fill, remote fill and dry disconnect connections available
  • Can be retrofitted to tanks with a 4” opening
  • Attach 2” model 419 drop tube with included drop tube adaptor
  • The shut-off level can be set by using standard length pipe nipples and utilizing 5” of adjustability integrated into the float assembly
  • Immediate and cushioned shutoff eliminates line shock
  • Full flow up to within seconds of valve closure
  • Cushioned shut-off eliminates line shock
  • Integral pressure relief feature allows for safe uncoupling at the completion of the fill operation
  • 5 PSI and 5 GPM minimum flow requirements
  • Typical flow rate is 175 GPM at 10 PSI pressure drops

Construction Details

  • Adaptor: Aluminum (hard-coat anodized)
  • Body: Anodized aluminum
  • Float: Nitrophyl-N
  • Plunger and dashpot: Aluminum (hard-coated)
  • Upper tube and float guard: E-coated steel
  • Shut off mechanism: Stainless steel

Code Compliance

  • NFPA 30
  • 30A
  • UFC
  • BOCA
  • PEI RP200
  • Florida DEP EQ 356 
  • CARB VR 402A (some models)