MECO Series 1000 Medium Duty Double Sided Cantilever Rack Add-on Unit, 10 Ft. H , (12) 36 in. L Arms

Product Type:
Double Sided Add-On Unit
10 ft.
Upright Capacity:
7600 lbs.
Base Length:
78 in.
Brace Length:
71 in.
Arm Quantity:
Arm Length:
36 in.
Arm Capacity:
400 lbs.
345.00 LBS
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Meco series 1000 medium duty cantilever rack units are a complete storage system designed with flexibility and simplicity in mind. Meco Omaha has assembled the most popular standard heavy duty and medium duty cantilever components to create start and add-on units. Taking the guesswork out of selecting a rack system. Order a single sided starter unit (see SMD10) for starter. Create a continuous rack system by adding add-on units, which include: (1)10 ft. H upright, (12) 36 in. L straight arms, and 71 in. brace set.

Note: Single sided starter units can use only single side add-ons that are the same height and capacity. Double sided starter units use double sided add-on units that are the same height and capacity. Contact a JME Sales Specialist for Details at 800-333-3331.


  • Double Sided Add-On unit
  • Height: 10 ft.
  • Capacity: 7,600 lbs.
  • Base length: 78 in. L
  • Brace Set: 71 in. L
  • Arm Length: 36 in.
  • Arm quantity: 12
  • Arm capacity: 400 lbs.


  • (1) 10 ft. upright
  • (12) 36 in. L arms
  • (1) 71 in. brace set