Lift-All 09401 1 in. Rotating Side Pull Hoist Ring - 7,100 lbs.

Ring Type:
1 in. -8 X 1.75
7,100 lbs.
10.00 LBS
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Lift-All 09401 1 in. Rotating Side Pull Hoist Ring - 7,100 lbs.

A state-of-the-art Rotating Side Pull Hoist Ring designed to meet the rigorous demands of industrial lifting, turning, and flipping operations. With a robust 7,100 lbs. lifting capacity, this hoist ring is perfect for various applications, including automotive stamping, injection molding for die changes, and more. Its re-designed load ring makes it exceptionally compatible with web slings, enhancing safety and efficiency in your lifting tasks.


  • Versatile Use: Ideal for automotive stamping, injection molding, and general lifting tasks.
  • Web Sling Compatible: Re-designed load ring for better web sling use.
  • Self-Aligning & Rotating: Aligns with the load and offers 360° rotation under load.
  • High-Strength Steel: Made from durable 4140 alloy steel.
  • Angled Load Design: Optimized for 90° loading from the bolt axis.
  • Industry Standards Compliant: Meets ASME-B30.26 and MIL-STD 209.
  • Quality Inspected: Each unit is magnetic particle inspected per ASTM 1444.
  • Corrosion Resistant: Black Oxide finish for added longevity.
  • Safety First: Designed with a 5:1 safety factor.


  • Product Model: Lift-All 09401
  • Ring Type: 1 in. -8 X 1.75
  • Capacity: 7,100 lbs. (3220.5 kg.)
  • Material: Forged 4140 alloy steel
  • Finish: Black Oxide for corrosion resistance
  • Rotation Capability: 360° under load
  • Design Compliance: ASME-B30.26, MIL-STD 209
  • Inspection Standard: ASTM 1444 magnetic particle inspected