Kuriyama Sphere Lock™ Female Socket Plug Coupling w/ Nitrile Rubber Gasket - Type B

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Female Socket Plug
0.39 LBS
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Sphere Lock Female Socket Plug (Type B) from Kuriyama. Sphere Lock couplings, also referred to as ball and socket couplings, consist of male (ball) and female (socket) ends. The rounded male end nests in the concave female end, which contains a Nitrile Rubber gasket for sealing. The connection is tightened by pushing down on a lever or bar. Typically used for the transfer of freshwater or wastewater in agricultural, construction, septic, mining and other industrial applications.

Service Temperature: -40°F (-40°C) to +250°F (+121°C)


  • High-grade, high tensile, hot dipped galvanized steel
  • Excellent resistance to impacts and vibration - ideal for outdoor applications
  • Handles full vacuum and higher pressures than standard cam-lock couplings
  • Connects at angles up to 30° - other coupling types must be aligned perfectly straight
  • Safety pin prevents accidental opening while in service - sold separately
  • Includes Nitrile Rubber gasket


Size   Working Pressure  
2 in. 290 PSI
3 in. 290 PSI
4 in. 217 PSI
6 in. 175 PSI
8 in. 175 PSI
  12 in.   175 PSI

More Info

Sphere Lock™ Type B Connection

The type B connection is the most popular, consisting of a male ball coupling, female socket coupling and either a locking lever ring (2 through 8 in.) or locking ring (10 and 12 in.), which fits over the male ball coupling's shank. The latches on the locking rings hook onto the female coupling and are tightened by either pushing down on the locking lever ring's handle, or in the case of the locking ring, a separate lever assist bar is used.


Sphere Lock™ Type A Connection
The type A connection is less common than type B and generally is only available in larger sizes. It consists of the male ball coupling, the female socket coupling and a connection ring, which fit over the male ball coupling's shank. Instead of using a separate locking lever ring on the male ball coupling, the latches are attached directly to the female socket coupling and hook over the connection ring on the male. The connection is tightened by pushing down on a separate lever assist bar.