Kuriyama 6 in. Stainless Steel Metal Hose Smooth Bore (Lined) w/ NPT Ends

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Hose Tec
6 in.
Product Type:
Male NPT
62.00 LBS
$1,041.45 - $1,969.35
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Hose Tec Stainless Steel Smooth Bore Interlocked Metal Hose assemblies are made from series 300 stainless steel and come with 304 stainless steel MPT male pipe thread ends welded on each end. The hose assemblies come in 4", 5" and 6" hose ID by a variety of industry standard lengths. Hose Tec hose assemblies are ideal for pneumatic trailers, railcar unloading and in-plant transfer applications.


* Flow indication arrows are provided on each length

* Stainless Steel liner reduces material degradation & improves unloading time

* Pre-welded 304 SS MPT ends make hose ready to use

* Readily accepts a variety of Couplers and adapters

* A wide variety of pre assembled lenghts available