Kuriyama 2 in. Stainless Steel Spiral Double Bolt Tiger Clamp - Counterclockwise

2 in.
6 ft lbs
0.40 LBS
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These 304 stainless steel Tiger Clamps are used for counterclockwise spiral hoses and designed specifically for PVC suction hoses with a spiral helix where traditional flat banding clamps do not seal well.


  • Material - 304 stainless steel
  • Two or more clamps are suggested for 3" ID and larger hoses
  • Both hex nuts should be tightened equally to prevent leakage
  • Caution: proper evaluation of holding power for each clamp must be determined for each individual application

Clockwise vs. Counter Clockwise

To determine which style clamp is needed for your hose look at the end of the hose; if the helix spirals in a clockwise direction away from you (along the hose), a clockwise clamp is needed. If the helix spirals in a counterclockwise direction away from you, a counterclockwise clamp is needed.