Kemper Valve Figure 602 Threaded Hammer Unions

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Figure 602
3.75 LBS
$63.65 - $343.88
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Figure 602. 6000-psi NSCWP unions are available in 1, 1-1⁄4, 1-1⁄2, 2, 3, 4 and 5-inch sizes in standard or sour gas service. These unions feature a resilient nitrile seal ring that helps sealing and protects the steel-to-steel seating of the union. Recommended for manifold and truck- mounting where size and weight are critical. Fig. 602 unions are also available as non-pressure seal unions, and in butt-weld Sch. 80, Sch. 160 and XXH, 4” API 8 Round threaded ends.