JME 4 in. Heavy Duty Hose Suspension Saddle

4 in.
803 Lbs.
Harness Type:
D: Metal Ring
3.97 LBS
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JME 4 in. Heavy Duty Hose Suspension Saddle

JME Heavy Duty Hose Suspension Saddles provide reliable protection against accidents, environmental damage, and unnecessary corporate losses. These maintenance-free saddles are designed to ensure the longevity and integrity of your hoses. With their innovative design, they prevent hose collapse and kinking, reducing premature hose failures and minimizing the cost of hose replacements. Additionally, they enhance safety by reducing the risk to personnel working under or near hoisted hoses.

Application: Gas stations, hydraulic hoses, industrial hoses and cables, pumping, mines and power cables, construction sites etc.


  • Innovative Design: Prevents hose collapse and kinking, extending hose lifespan and reducing replacement costs.
  • Enhanced Safety: Reduces risks for personnel near hoisted hoses.
  • Easy Installation: Quick and tool-free installation.
  • Quality Assurance: Manufactured to meet rigorous quality control and regulatory standards.
  • Wide Temperature Range: Suitable for temperatures from -40°F to 266°F (-40°C to 130°C).
  • Safety Features: Non-sparking, non-conductive, and static-free for safety in various environments.
  • Chemical Resistance: Resistant to fuel, oil, jet fuel, and most chemicals.
  • Replaceable Slings: Easily replace worn or damaged slings.
  • Efficient Protection: Offers robust protection against accidents, environmental damage, and financial losses.


  • Size: 4 in.
  • Capacity: 803 Lbs.
  • Harness Type: D: Metal Ring
  • Temperature Range: -40°F to 266°F (-40°C to 130°C)


Specifications Sheet (PDF Download)