Industrial Heaters Equipment Guide

Industrial Heaters Equipment Guide

There are a lot of industries that rely on industrial heaters to keep their business running smoothly. Small-scale businesses all the way up to large industrial facilities may rely on industrial heaters. They can be used in a wide range of applications as well. Heaters will vary in size and type based on the industrial need of each. Some of the most common industrial heater types include greenhouse heaters, portable heaters, tent heaters, and poultry & swine heaters.

Greenhouse Heaters

A greenhouse heater is used to keep the temperature of greenhouses consistent all day and all night. Greenhouse heaters can come in a variety of sizes based on the area they’ll be heating. We stock L.B. White Therma Grow greenhouse heaters in multiple output sizes. You can determine which heater is going to work best for you by looking at the BTU capacity listed on each unit. 

When you buy a greenhouse heater from L.B. White, you’ll also get a 10-year warranty on the heat chamber and case. The warranty, combined with its great fuel efficiency, enclosed and protected components and advanced performance, you are sure to get many years of hassle-free heating. 

Portable Heaters

If you anticipate frequently needing to move your heater from one place to another, a portable heater is going to be best to meet your needs. Portable heaters are also ideal for heating an area where you won’t need a permanent heat source, such as an event space, large construction site or industrial facility. Some heaters include wheels to provide mobility to relocate it as necessary. You may find one option more desirable than the other based on your intended needs with the heater. 

JME Ellsworth carries portable heaters from - L.B. White and HeatStar (Enerco Group).  L.B. White offers heaters in electric and open flame options, powered by natural gas or propane gas. HeatStar offers heaters powered by natural gas, propane gas, and kerosene. Once again, you’ll rely on the BTU capacity as a reference point when choosing which heater is going to work best for you.

Tent Heaters

Tent heaters give you the power of an industrial-grade heating unit designed to keep tents both warm and dry. By using a tent heater, commercial and industrial applications outside can proceed without interruption from unpredictable weather conditions. The nice thing about tent heaters is that they are very light, have low voltage requirements, and are still portable. 

Like the portable heaters above, the tent heaters are also offered by two main brands - L.B. White and HeatStar (Enerco Group). L.B. White offers the lowest priced tent heater, but overall, both brands are comparable in price. You’ll want to focus on the unit size, heat capacity, and heater accessories when deciding which tent heater will work best for your use. For example, you may also need ducting hose and a unit diffuser for your tent space.

Poultry & Swine Heaters

Poultry & swine heaters help control the temperature and humidity levels in large-scale swine houses and chicken houses. In this setting, it is important to maintain heat in the swine or poultry house and prevent cold spots or drafts. The poultry and swine heaters can often offer cost savings due to their energy efficient designs. 

The three main types of L.B. White poultry & swine heaters are forced air heaters, radiant tube heaters, and radiant heat brooders. Radiant heat brooders are the most affordable and most applicable in swine houses and smaller structures. Forced air heaters are multi-purpose and can be used in poultry and swine houses. On the other hand, radiant tube heaters are designed specifically for poultry houses. 

If you are unsure of what heater you need to order, the BTU calculator by L.B. White. can help. You'll need to provide room measurements, desired room temperature, and heater type. With that information you can determine the BTU/h heater requirements you'll need.

Regardless of the industrial application, it is important to consider the size, type, and power source for the heater you are looking to purchase. The heaters sold by JME are designed for industrial use and are built to withstand long-term exposure to high heat and temperatures. If you have any questions about industrial heaters or a specific heater found on our website, don’t hesitate to reach out to our JME Sales Specialists at 1(800) 333-3331. We are happy to help you with your purchase. JME stocks a large selection of all types of heaters that are ready to ship today.