HAZMATPAC Six 32 oz. Bottles w/ PVC Coating Packaging System

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32 oz.
5.50 LBS
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HAZMATPAC’s 4GV United Nations certified packaging system provides all of the required components for the safe transport of hazardous materials by air, ground, and water. The 4GV series passes ISTA International Safe Transit Association’s Project 3 testing for the overnight environment and meets Project 1A testing. Each packaging system comes completely assembled with easy to read instructions for effortless final packaging.

All HAZMATPAC United Nations certified packaging systems have been third party tested by WYLE Laboratories to ensure unbiased test results.

HAZMATPAC’s new universal absorbent lined bagging system is designed to provide sufficient absorbent material around the container while achieving the necessary cushioning to pass the 4GV test requirements.


  • Package holds six liter-sized or smaller bottle
  • Third party tested by WYLE Laboratories to ensure unbiased test results
  • Universal absorbent lined bag provides sufficient absorbent material and cushion for shipping
  • Bottles are PVC plastic coated


  • Shipping Box Dimensions: 18" x 12" x 12.5"
  • Inner Divider Dimensions: Six 4.25" x 4.25" x 11" cells
  • (6) 32-oz Bottles with teflon-lined bottle cap
  • (6) Abosorbent-lined bagging system
  • Label and ties