Haviland 2500N Line Neoprene Squeegee Refill Blades for 2300N Line

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3.00 LBS
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This high-grade Neoprene blade displays an excellent resistance to alkali and a moderate resistance to acids, ozone, oils, fats, greases and solvents. It is recommended for use with petroleum based products.

All blades should be stored away from UV light and motorized equipment to maintain the integrity of the blade. Refill blade for 2300N Line, 02300N Line, 2300NC Line, and 02300NC Line.


  • Dimension: .250 in. x 2 in.
  • Durometer: 55-60
  • Tensile Strength: Very Good
  • Elongation: Good
  • Compression Set: Fair to Good
  • Heat Resistance: Fair to Good
  • Resilience or Rebound: Very Good
  • Abrasion Resistance: Excellent
  • Tear Resistance: Fair to Good
  • Flame Resistance: Good
  • Impermeability, Gas: Fair to Good
  • Weathering Resistance: Very Good
  • Low Temp Limit: -10° F to -50° F
  • High Temp Limit: 225° F
Chemical Resistance Properties
  • Acid: Good
  • Alcohols: Very Good
  • Aliphatic Hydrocarbon Solvents: Good
  • Alkali: Excellent
  • Animal & Vegetable Oils: Good
  • Aromatic Hydrocarbon Solvents: Poor to Fair
  • Oil & Gasoline: Fair to Good
  • Oxygenated Solvents: Poor to Fair
  • Water: Good