Graco LD Series 5:1 Stationary Mount 6.7 GPM Oil Pump Package w/ Manual Meter

Product Type:
LDM5 Manual
6.7 GPM
Pump Ratio:
19.00 LBS
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These affordable and full featured pumps are designed for lower volume applications and are available in 3:1 and 5:1 for oil. These pumps are fine-tuned for a compact, flexible and still incredibly durable solution.

Kits include your choice of a LD 3:1 or 5:1 pump, a 6 ft oil dispensing hose and your choice of either a LDM5 manual meter or a LDP5 preset meter.


  • Built-in thermal relief protects your equipment from thermal expansion
  • Three inch air motor provides more power to create better flow
  • Cup and plate design eliminates the need for O-rings that wear out faster
  • 20,000 gal annual usage
  • 1 to 2 dispense points
  • Fluids: Motor Oil, Gear Oil, ATF, and Hydraulic Fluid
  • 1/4" FNPT air inlet

Pump Specs

  • Air Inlet: 1/4"
  • Fluid Inlet: 1"
  • Fluid Outlet: 1/2"
  • Wetted Parts: Zinc plated carbon, steel, aluminum, nitrile, polyurethane, nickel plated aluminum
  • Suction Lift (ft): 10
  • 3:1 Max Fluid Pressure 450 psi
  • 5:1 Max Fluid Pressure 750 psi

Kit Contents

  • 3:1 or 5:1 Multi-length oil pump
  • 6 ft. Oil hose kit (24H859)
  • Choice of LDM5 manual meter (256215) or LDP5 preset meter (256216), both with rigid extension


Instruction Manual (PDF Download)