Propane Delivery Guide & Accessories

Posted by Katie Wnukowski on Mar 6th 2020

Propane delivery involves many different components. The right propane accessories ensure a safe delivery from a bobtail LPG truck to a stationary tank. By understanding the functional purpose of each propane component, you can establish a process that meets propane tank installation regulations. John M Ellsworth Co. has put together a propane delivery guide that will walk you through many of the common parts required.

LP Gauges and Transmitters

Both mobile and stationary propane tank gauges are available to visually indicate how much LPG is in the tank. Mobile LP gauges are designed with special vibration protection to ensure long lasting use and durability. For remote measuring, please see liquid level transmitters or “Remote Ready” dials.  Shop LP Gauges and Transmitters.

External Relief Valves

Found on the back of the truck or on ASME and DOT containers, these UL listed brass relief valves are used to safely release pressure from the propane tanks. The relief valve is held closed by the spring force seating the rubber valve disc against the orifice. When the tank pressure exceeds the spring force, the valve disc lifts off the orifice allowing gas to discharge through the valve to the air. When the tank pressure decreases enough, the spring force closes the valve disc back against the orifice stopping further discharge. All working parts of these valves are outside the container connection so they must be protected against mechanical damage.  Shop External Relief Valves.

Flow Valves

Control propane gas flow in your propane transfer set up with a reliable flow valve. Use a flow valve on a Bobtail LP truck or storage tank. We offer a variety of angle valves, globe valves, hose end valves and much more to service your LPG tank.  Shop Flow Valves.

Gas Hose Reels

Use a hose reel compatible with LPG at the back of your bobtail to transfer propane to your stationary tank from a hose supported by one of our heavy duty hose reels. A durable hose reel is essential for home delivery of propane. Coxreels, Hannay, & Reelcraft are some of the trusted brands we sell. Available hose reels can come with a spring retractable or electric rewind feature.  Shop Gas Hose Reels.

LPG Hose

Use an LPG grade hose to connect propane from your bobtail truck to the stationary tank for the transfer of LP. We have a wide range of hoses from low temperature to composite hoses to support your fuel delivery needs. For custom hose lengths and ends please  contact us. We can cut and couple nearly any hose combination to suit your exact application. All LPG hose assemblies are pressure tested and tagged for DOT compliance. Shop LPG Hoses.

First-Stage Regulators

First-Stage Regulators are UL listed and designed for Two-Stage LPG Systems. First-Stage Regulators reduce high tank pressures to a lower pressure for the Second-Stage Regulator. Stainless steel internals combined with corrosion and wear resistant materials provide a recommended life of 20 years. Our selection includes capacities from 1.1M BTU/hr to 2.25M BTU/hr.  Shop First-Stage Regulators.

Second-Stage Regulators

Second-Stage propane regulators are designed to operate in combination with, but downstream, First-Stage regulators in domestic and commercial applications. Second-Stage regulators reduce pressures from First-Stage regulators down to a constant low pressure. This is typically an 11 in. water column (27 mbar) of outlet pressure delivered to household appliances so that they can safely and properly operate.  Shop Second-Stage Regulators.

Integral Two-Stage Regulators

Integral Two-Stage regulators combine a First-Stage regulator and a Second-Stage regulator into one compact unit. Recommended for installations where piping distance is short including cottages and food trucks. Integral Two-Stage regulators provide all of the advantages of Two-Stage regulation.  Shop Two Stage Regulators.

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