Kuriyama Gatorflow - Black Nitrile/PVC Oil & Weather Resistant Rubber Discharge Hose

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42.00 LBS
$584.37 - $2,519.64
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  • Black nitrile rubber tube - oil-resistant.
  • Polyester reinforcement - provides working pressures equal to or higher than most conventional PVC or rubber discharge hoses.
  • Black ribbed nitrile rubber cover - provides high resistance to oil, weathering and abrasion
  • Lighter, less bulky than most rubber discharge hoses - less weight, easier to handle....stores in less space...provides equal or better pressure handling capability.
  • Unique woven construction and special compounding - resists kinking, stretching and twisting while in service.....makes recoiling easier.
  • Wide range of applications - Applications include irrigation, agriculture, general watering, dewatering, drainage, pump discharge, flotation booms, cable covering, industrial washdown and general discharge applications requiring limited oil and chemical use.