FDA Compliant Composite Tote Liner - Schutz MX, New Style - 330 - 2" Seal Gasket

Tote Type:
Schutz MX, New Style
Size (Gallons):
2" Seal Gasket
0.50 LBS
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These FDA compliant Freedom Liners are form-fitting IBC tote liners, with no folds to trap contents during discharge or air pockets that prevent a complete fill. The liner material meets FDA requirements for contact with food products. Freedom Liners continue to be the most economical and simple way to increase the productivity of your IBC fleet. These solvent resistant film liners provide a virgin interior tank surface, an important concern where container hygiene is paramount. All liners have a 6" top inlet with a bib. The use of a Venturi Air Valve and/or Double Sided Tape may assist in the proper installation of the liner (see video) and recommended when installing several liners.

Please see the IBC Tote Identification PDF in the Downloads tab for tote manufacturer identification.


  • Saves money by eliminating tank cleaning costs and the cost to transport tanks to and from cleaning facilities
  • Assures a clean tank for each and every fill
  • Entire internal tank surface is uncontaminated by prior usage and cleaning detergent residue
  • Custom manufactured to an exact fit for each individual IBC
  • Allow rapid fill and unencumbered complete discharge through the bottom valve
  • Easy to install and remove requiring no special skills or elaborate tools
  • Eco-friendly and eliminate waste water pollutants associated with conventional tank cleaning methods and transportation vehicle emissions
  • Used liners may be treated as a simple solid waste product dependent upon liner contents


IBC Tote Identification (PDF Download)