Flux 400 Series F430PVDF 40/33 39 Pump Maintenance Rebuild Kit

F430PVDF 40/33 39
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Flux repair kits for 400 Series F430PVDF 40/33 39 pumps contain standard rebuild/repair parts. Flux kits are offered as a cost effective kit price that saves money compared to purchasing parts individually. The 430 pump rebuild kit includes: (1) coupling cage, (1) NBR shaft seal, (3)slide bearings, (1) FKM O-ring, (6) support bearings, (1)FKM shaft seal, (1) sliding ring gasket, (1) union nut and (1) PE flat style. IMPORTANT: All pump and motor kits are subject to change without notice.
See the attached parts list for 425 pump for details on parts included in the Maintenance Kits are circled on the exploded view and in BOLD on the parts list. Call a JME Specialist at 800-333-3331 to get a quote for parts for any model or pump length not listed.


Maintenance Kit (PDF Download)