Fjord Aviation Hose Protection Bands

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Fjord Aviation
2.00 LBS
$87.20 - $136.54
Made-To-Order (MTO) item is non-returnable/non-refundable/non-cancellable unless there is a defect or warranty issue. Please allow time for assembly before shipping.
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  • Durable abrasion resistant urethane polymer with UV resistant banding
  • Protects hoses from wear when dragging across the ramp, especially at fillstands, offloading headers and long hose lines.
  • Reduces frictional drag, making dragging long heavy hoses easier.
  • Oil and chemical resistant
  • Please Note: when ordering calculate 1 hose band per every 3’ to 4’ of hose that contacts the ground.
  • High visibility orange color enhances visual safety
  • 20°F to 200°F service integrity
  • 1 year warranty (banding not included)
  • Not for use on a hose reel