Fill-Rite BioDiesel Auto Nozzles w/ Hook

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3/4 in.
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Automatic Shut Off
3.00 LBS
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The BDH-Series nozzles offer a wide range of features and performance well suited for the growing alternative fuels markets. Bio-Diesel continues to grow as an alternate fuel source for fueling commercial and industrial heavy machinery, transportation, and farming equipment. Due to the corrosive nature of the bio-diesel additives it is critical to ensure that the nozzle is fully compatible to ensure proper operation and to increase the life of the nozzle.


  • Compatible up to B100 Diesel
  • UL listed
  • 3/4" aluminum nozzle
  • 3/4" NPT-F outlet
  • 50 PSI working pressure
  • Black body cover with large Bio-Diesel marking to clearly identify fuel type
  • Heavy duty hanging hook compatible with all Fill-Rite products
  • Convenient one-finger hold-open clip to set flow rate
  • Automatic shut-off
  • Insulated hand grip to minimize hot and cold handling
  • Minimal spray pattern to reduce foaming and false shut-offs
  • Large spout spring to hold nozzle in place
  • Viton seals and o-rings for smooth valve operation
  • Rated to -20ºF operation
  • Made in the USA