Fast Fill V150F Standard Fuel Vent w/ 5 in. Stem & Filter

Fast Fill Systems
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Fuel Vent w/ 5 in. Stem & Filter
2 in. NPT
13 PSI
2.50 LBS
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The Fast Fill V150F standard fuel vent has a 5 in. stem and 3 micron air filter (FFV-MF), it is designed for efficient airflow and pressurized fuel distribution in fuel tanks. The V150F fuel vent incorporates the filtered protection of the FFV150 filter vent assembly into a compact vent cap. It has a dual check valve design to ensure only filtered air enters the tank and to protect your filter element from fuel vapors and sloshing, thus extending it's life.  The fuel vents robust design ensures long-term reliability and easy installation, offering optimal performance for your fuel tank system.

The V150 crosses to: Banlaw AUS25A-A, Flomax VTC and Wiggins ZV10A.


  • Fuel vent
  • Mount location: 2 in. NPT Port on Top of Tank
  • 5 in. Stem
  • Includes 3 micron filter
  • Vent check valve burst pressure: 1/4 to 1/2 PSI
  • Breather check valve burst pressure: 1/4 to 1/2 PSI
  • For pressurized fueling
  • Pressure relief valve set to 13 PSI
  • Material: Nickel Plated steel, anodized aluminum, and plastic floats