Fast Fill V150 Standard Fuel Vent w/ 5 in. Stem

Fast Fill Systems
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Fuel Vent w/ 5 in. Stem
2 in. NPT
13 PSI
1.50 LBS
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The Fast Fill V150 standard fuel vent has a 5 in. stem and is designed for efficient airflow and pressurized fuel distribution in fuel tanks. Vents play a vital role in the fill level and shut-off of a tank. The fuel vents robust design ensures long-term reliability and easy installation, offering optimal performance for your fuel tank system.

The V150 crosses to : Banlaw AUS25A-A, Flomax VTC and Wiggins ZV10A.


  • Fuel vent
  • Mount location: 2 in. NPT Port on Top of Tank
  • 5 in. Stem
  • For pressurized fueling
  • Pressure relief valve set to 13 PSI
  • Material: Nickel Plated steel, anodized aluminum, and plastic floats