Emerson Fisher Type R632E-BCH 1/4 in. FNPT x 1/2 in. FNPT Aluminum Integral Two PSI Regulator w/ 1 - 2.2 PSIG Spring, 850K BTU/HR

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Emerson Fisher
1/4 in. x 1/2 in.
850,000 BTU/hr.
Product Type:
Integral Two PSI
3.00 LBS
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The Type R632E is an Underwriters Laboratories (UL) listed regulator designed for Two psig Service LP-Gas systems. The unit is designed to reduce the tank pressure through an integral two psig service system to 2 psig / 0.14 bar. 

Note: The first-stage screened drip-lip vent is oriented downward and the standard placement for the second-stage vent is oriented over the outlet.


  • 20-Year Recommended Replacement Life
  • Inlet/Outlet Gauge Taps for easy system checks
  • Improved Regulation
  • Easy Installation
  • Superior Overpressure Protection
  • Corrosion-Resistant
  • Positive Draining Spring Case
  • Durability


  • Type: R632E-BCH
  • Capacity (Propane): 850,000 BTU/HR
  • Inlet Connection: 1/4 in. FNPT
  • Outlet Connection: 1/2 in. FNPT
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Max Allowable Inlet Pressure: 250 psig (17.2 bar)
  • Outlet Pressure Ranges: 1 to 2.2 in. psig (0.07 to 0.15 bar)
  • Capacity: 850,000 BTU
  • Vent Size:
    • 1st Stage: 7/16-24  Inverted Flare
    • 2nd Stage: 3/4 NPT screened
  • Temperature Capabilities:-20° to 160°F (-29° to 71°C)
  • Color: Gray, for easy identification
  • Certifications: UL, CRN


Warning: Failure to follow the instructions or to properly install and maintain this equipment could result in an explosion and/or fire causing property damage and personal injury or death. Fisher® equipment must be installed, operated and maintained in accordance with federal, state and local codes and Fisher instructions. The installation in most states must also comply with NFPA No. 54 and 58 standards. Only personnel trained in the proper procedures, codes, standards and regulations of the LP-Gas industry should install and service this equipment. Buyer agrees that responsibility for proper selection, installation, use and maintenance of any product remains solely with the purchaser and end-user. Buyer agrees to comply with the above warning and all instruction manuals, bulletins and installation guides associated with this product.


R632E Instruction Manual (PDF Download)

R632E Product Bulletin (PDF Download)