Emco Wheaton Overwing Aircraft Fueling Nozzle - 1 1/2 in. Straight Spout and Dust Cap

Emco Wheaton
1 1/2 in.
1 1/2 in. Straight
Dust Cap/ Grounding Cable:
Std Cable/ dust cap
7.00 LBS
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The G180 nozzle is built on a modified G457 chassis. The G457 has been the preferred nozzle of many military organizations around the world for many years. In opting for the G180, you will benefit from the experience we have gained in the field with this proven design. In addition, the nozzle includes a grounding cable, and its seals are compatible with all jet and aviation fuels.

Note: This nozzle is a non-returnable item. Bumper ring and check valve not included.


  • Spouts:
    • 3 quick change spout configurations (1 1.5" and flared are available and interchangeable)
    • 3 threaded spout configurations are available and interchangeable
  • Integrated Swivel:
    • Anodized aluminum construction designed specifically to maintain electrical continuity between swivel and hose
    • Rotates on Ballbearing surface
    • Double O-Ring sealing system
    • Available with check valve if desired
    • Available with ISO 228 NPT or 1.5" camlock inlet as required
  • Stainless Steel Spout Restraint: Wider than fuel port while allowing fueler to see into tank.
  • Speed Spout™: Quick change mechanism allows spouts to be installed and removed with one hand.
  • Elastomeric Ring: Prevents nozzle from damaging aircraft during fueling.
  • Body and Handle Guard: Aluminum construction - anodized black as per MIL-A-8625F Type II Class 2.
  • Factory Tested and Traceable: Each nozzle is flow and leak tested at the factory and assigned a serial number. Serial number can be traced to test date and results achieved. Serial number and manufacture date are engraved on the nozzle.
  • Nozzle is free of yellow metal and plastic components.
  • Stowage Device holds grounding plug in place until needed.
  • Metering Ability the valve design makes it easy to control flow. Allows the fueler to smoothly increase and decrease flow without line shock or recoil. Makes fueling process more efficient and less strenuous for the fueler.
  • Bumper Pads on contact points to help prevent accidental scratching of aircraft.

Options Available

  • Bumper guard
  • Heavy duty grounding cable
  • Dust cap
  • Check valve