Emco Wheaton D2000 2 in. Style 60 Carbon Steel Swivel Joint w/ Buttweld Connections & Nitrile Rubber Seals

Emco Wheaton
2 in.
Product Type:
Style S60
Carbon Steel
Nitrile Rubber
28.90 LBS
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The D2000 can be used universally in nearly all liquid transports. Whether in the mineral oil, food or chemical industry, the D2000 meets the highest standards. Due to the sandwich design, the bearing module is separated from the product carrying components. Therefore it can be used as a standard swivel joint for nearly all media with temperature ranging from -43.6 °F - 482 °F (-42 °C - 250 °C).


  • Due to the separation of product carrying parts, the material of the bearing module is produced for high load bearing capacity with the ball races being "deep" hardened for increased integrity
  • Compact design allows use in "low profile" applications
  • D2000 can be used to fulfill customers own specific requirements - The material of the product carrying parts can have many options and will depend on the media being handled
  • Swivel joints are produced according to the requisite regulations for the articulated pipework - They can also be adapted to comply with other specific regulations
  • D2000 achieves its high leak proof capacity sealing characteristics due to its smooth rotation and high bending moment characteristics
  • Deep hardened ball races guarantee a long working life and low wear characteristics
  • Bearing module and seals can be easily replaced, remove flange, change seal, replace flange - All this without having to disassemble the whole loading arm, it's practical, saving time and substantially reducing life costs


  • Type: D2000
  • Style: S60
  • Size: 2 in.
  • Body Material: Carbon Steel
  • Bearing Module: Standard Temperature
  • Inlet: Buttweld
  • Outlet: Buttweld
  • Grease: Standard
  • Seal: Nitrile Rubber

Note: Multiple options for body material, bearing module, inlet/outlet flange material, grease, and seals are available. Please call for more details.


D2000 Swivel Temperature Rating Guide (PDF Download)