Dixon Wilkerson Manual In-Line Desiccant Dryers 1/4" Port, 10 SCFM Flow

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WARNING: This product may contain a chemical known to the State of California to cause cancer & reproductive harm. For more information, go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
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These Dixon Wilkerson Manual In-Line Desiccant air dryers are used to remove water vapor from compressed air systems, in applications such as paint spraying, laboratory instruments and small control air systems.


  • Filtration for absorber type dryers is important to protect the desiccant bed from contamination
  • Cleaner incoming air will result in better performance, longer life and fewer service problems
  • Slotted bowl guard for visual detection of color change
  • No electrical connection necessary
  • Silica gel changes from blue to pink to indicate the need to replace or regenerate the desiccant
  • To regenerate silica gel desiccant, it must be heated to at least 350°F for approximately 3 hours or until color has changed from pink to blue


  • 1.64 lb. bowl
  • Will dry up to 4400 standard cubic feet of air
  • Desiccant; good for approximately 440 minutes at maximum continuous air flow before regeneration is required
  • Provides atmospheric dew point of -45°F with dry desiccant at 100 psi and 70°F
  • Transparent bowl maximum operating condition: 150 psig (10 bar) and 125°F (52°C)
  • Metal bowl maximum operating condition: 150 psig (10 bar) and 150°F (66°C)