Clamp Fittings

Fast, Economical Shopping For Sanitary Clamp Fittings From JME

The primary role of all sanitary fittings is to provide piping reinforcement and stability against potential leaks. There are many styles of clamp fittings used across different industries, making it all the more important to carry a wide variety of clamps to satisfy every customer. JME has understood this principle throughout 30+ years of business, which is why our selection of clamp sanitary fittings is second to none.

JME has a collection of clamp fittings used frequently in the sanitary transportation, dairy and food processing, and construction industries. These types of fittings are popular in part because they are easily adjustable on a moment’s notice, and capable of retaining their strength through constant use and movement.

Single pin clamp fittings are strong in their own right, but if you deal with high pressured piping systems, double pin, segmented, bolted, and t-bolt sanitary clamp fittings are recommended for added enforcement. JME carries any clamp style or fitting you may require, including dairy-specific clamp fittings.

Any business that utilizes clamp fittings most likely needs more than one to complete their piping system, which is why JME offers such a variety at a consistently low price. This includes fast, affordable shipping, the quality of which is one of the reasons JME is widely one of the best fire, petroleum, and sanitary supply companies in the world.

Look To JME For All Your Sanitary Fitting Needs!

Clamp fittings are common in more than just sanitary situations, and JME has expanded their selection diversity to accommodate any customer in need of a clamp fitting. We also keep the price of a clamp fitting low, while providing only the highest quality, to ensure you get the best value for your purchase.