Buttweld Fittings

Fast, Economical Shopping For Buttweld Sanitary Fittings From JME

JME knows that buttweld fittings come in many different sizes and designs to conform to sanitary piping systems. They may not seem like the biggest part of your sanitary equipment, but a malfunctioning buttweld fitting can cause disaster for the sanitary process.

Some of the most popular buttweld fittings include the 90 degree long radius elbow, 45 degree elbow, 90 degree short radius elbow, and the straight fitting tee. JME has buttweld fittings with these dimensions and more, offered at extremely affordable prices. Add in shipping speeds that rivals distributors and manufacturers alike, and it becomes a proven fact that our selection of buttweld sanitary fittings turns one-time purchasers into life-long customers.

This is true even though buttweld fittings often don’t require additional purchases. A major advantage inherent with this type of sanitary fitting is its flush connection with each corresponding pipe, allowing the opportunity to weld it to a permanently leak proof state. The smooth stainless steel interior surface minimizes corrosion, loss of pressure, and the effects of aging.

Often the stainless steel construction of the buttweld fitting matches the makeup of the piping structure, which adds strength to your sanitary system. It’s just another reason to feel confident that the buttweld fittings from JME last through many years of consistent use. We carry both polished butt weld fittings and unpolished butt weld fittings so the fittings can match the makeup of your piping structure even closer. 

JME Offers Sanitary Fittings That Match Your Needs!

JME has been in the sanitation business for over three decades, so we understand what you expect from your sanitation equipment and how your priorities align. We strive to provide a constantly expanding collection of buttweld fittings with a simple buying process that is easy on your wallet and limited time. One browse around JME’s impressive inventory is sure to satisfy all of your buttweld fitting and sanitary equipment needs.