American Iron Works Hose Hobble Clamp x Anchor - 2 Bolt Style w/ Cable Assembly

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American Iron Works
Cable Length:
36 in.
15.00 LBS
$166.67 - $213.33
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Hose Hobbles are used to secure the ends of high pressure hoses to protect against accidental disconnection.

API Standards require a minimum breaking strength of 16,000 pounds for rotary hose safety clamps. These Hose Hobbles have been extensively tested to meet API standards with a minimum breaking strength of 36,000 pounds. Cable assembly comes tagged and pull tested. Hose Hobbles are recommended for any high pressure application, whether it be air, hydraulic, water, frac fluids, slurry, oil, etc.

Note: Size is referring to outer diameter (OD) of the hose or pipe


  • Cables are tagged and pull tested
  • Load tested
  • Load certified
  • Fully assembled
  • Multiple sizes
  • 36 in. Cable - Other sizes available, call us at (800) 333-3331 to order


Installation Guide (PDF Download)