AFH32F A-Frame Hose Loader

120.00 LBS
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$7,111.60 - $8,329.25
AFH32F A-Frame Hose Loader

AFH32F A-Frame Hose Loader

120.00 LBS
$7,111.60 - $8,329.25
  • Easily stores away from vehicle
  • Capable of servicing both sides of an island
  • Able to cross over an adjacent arm
  • Parks at 55°, loads at 20°
  • Viton seals are standard
  • All flange connections
  • Fully customization - contact us for any modifications to base swivel orientation, arm lengths, or components. Easily add accessories like a sight glass or butterfly valve and upgrade to a Jump-On API Coupler.
  • When ordering, please specify Penflex Stainless Steel Braided Hose or Willcox Rackmaster Composite Hose


  • Carbon Steel Upfeed Right Hand Orientated Base swivel with 150# flange inlet
    • Ductile Iron Option Available
    • Left hand, downfeed, and side feed base swivel orientations available
  • Aluminum primary arm w/ 60” dimension from center of base swivel to center of apex swivel
  • Aluminum Apex Swivel
  • Stainless Steel Braided Hose w/ 72” dimension from center of apex swivel to center of outboard swivel
    • Willcox Rackmaster Composite Hose can be substituted in for 4” arms
  • Style 35 outboard swivel w/ D-handle
  • Spacer Spool
  • TTMA Nuts, Bolts, and Gaskets
    • Non-Asbestos fiber gaskets
  • OPW 1004 D3 API Coupler
  • Viton seals in couplers and swivels
  • Arm ships unassembled


Optional accessories not included in the standard load arm assemblies.

  • Left hand, down feed or side feed base swivel orientations
  • Different primary or drop dimensions
  • Willcox Rackmaster Composite Hose instead of the Stainless Steel Braided Hose on 4” arms
  • Hose Covers
  • Butterfly Valve
  • Sight Glass
  • Spacer Spool with Shear Groove
  • Pipe markers for easy product identification
  • Breakaway
  • Jump-On API Coupler