95 Gallon Fuel Transfer Tank w/ Toolbox

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95 Gallon
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145.00 LBS
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When it comes to top-quality refueling transfer tanks, trust in JME's expertise and excellence. This innovative combination of a polished aluminum toolbox and a high-quality refueling tank offers a secure solution for storing tools and equipment while providing easy access to fuel on the go. With its exceptional construction and thoughtful design, this combo is ideal for farmers, contractors, municipalities, and private citizens alike.

Note: DOT Certified for Gasoline, Diesel, Methanol, Kerosene, Aviation fuel and other liquids


Tank Features

  • Durable Construction: All-polished aluminum DP body construction.
  • Secure Locking: Polished industrial stainless locking handles for safety.
  • Easy Access: Automotive-style gas shocks for effortless opening.
  • Sturdy Lid: Extreme 3-layer lid design and full aluminum piano hinge.
  • Versatile Mounting: Mounting tabs extend 1-1/2 inches for customization.


Tank Specifications

  • Capacity: 95 Gallons
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Cap Type: Vent/Prevent Filler Cap
  • Bungs: Two 2 in. NPT Reinforced Bungs
  • Drain Port: 3/8 in. NPT
  • Dimensions: 26 in. x 48 1/2 in. x 33 in. Toolbox is 48 in. x 22 in. x 17 in.


  • Mounting tabs extend out 1-1/2 in.
  • Add 2-1/2 in. for cap height
  • Pumps with aluminum threads must be coated with Anti-Seize prior to installation. Do not dry fit. Do not use teflon tape or pipe dope.
  • Do not install a pump over 30 lbs. to a standard duty tank. For pumps over 30 lbs., a Severe Series tank must be used.
  • This tank must be grounded to your vehicle. Metal to metal contact between mounting hardware and truck bed or running a ground wire to one of the mounting bolts.

* The 30 lb. limit includes pump and any other accessories such as filter kit, meters, etc. Failure to follow these guidelines will result in voiding your warranty. Do not install riser between the fuel tank fitting and the pump.


Installation Instructions (PDF Download)