Ranger Pumps - 48-4 in.- 160 GPM

4 in.
160 GPM
Viscosity Range-SSU:
Pump Speed:
Motor HP / Speed:
15hp @ 1750
800.00 LBS

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Ranger pumps are precision built helical gear pumps for industrial applications. The capacity range is available from GPM to 360 GPM and pressures to 125 PSI. Both low and high viscosity liquids can be efficiently pumped. Viscosities of upwards to 1,000,000 SSU can be handled. Examples of assemblies shown below include a standard fitted pump with gear reducer, assembled on steel base with flexible coupling, coupling guard and open drip proof motor. Relief valves, and mechanical seals are available as an option. Additional modifications may be required based on the liquid pumped. Selections and prices shown below will vary depending on actual requirements. Motor horsepower shown below is adequate for the highest viscosity range shown.

NOTE for RG11280 & RG172125 pumps:

When adding TEFC for Explosion Proof motor, the base size changes, thus changing the price. Call for pricing.

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