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  • NiCad model pumps at 7 GPM (Pumps 106 gal. per charging)
  • Lithium model pumps at 7 GPM (Pumps 137 gal. per charging)
  • Both models include one battery and one charger.
  • Portable; no power outlets needed to pump fluid.
  • S.S. screened telescoping suction tube extends from 33.5” to 49”.
  • 2” NPT bung adapter & 2” buttress adapter for plastic drums.
  • 79” long corrugated P.E. hose with a Poly nozzle with 3/4” S.S. spout.
  • Comes with a nozzle holster built in the pump body
Instruction Manual (PDF Download)
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National Spencer 19.2V Rechargeable Battery Operated Drum Pump

National Spencer Battery Operated Drum Pumps are available with a 19.2v NiCad or a 19.2v Lithium Battery. Both models come with 1 battery and charger. The NiCad model pumps 106 gallons per charge while the Lithium model pumps up to 137 gallons per charge, both pumps run at 7 GPM.

These pumps can dispense DEF, and many other water based chemicals such as detergents, antifreeze and chemical insecticides. They will also pump petroleum products such as diesel fuel, kerosene and light oils.


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Additional National Spencer 19.2V Rechargeable Battery Operated Drum Pump
19.2v Nicad
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