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Upgrade Your Service Station with High Quality Gas Station Supplies

High quality service station equipment does so much more for a business than just satisfy a customer’s need for fuel. The best gas station supplies are the ones that leave a lasting impression of cleanliness, safety, and professionalism. JME carries every size, brand, and style of gas station supplies to ensure high performance and quality for every aspect of your service station.

Even the best service station equipment wears down over time and needs to be replaced. Buying the highest quality gas station supplies, such as those offered from JME, ensures you’ll save money in the long term because premium hoses and nozzles simply last longer than their inferior counterparts.

As a service station owner, you have a lot more to deal with than replacing your equipment. That’s why JME only carries service station equipment that guarantees effectiveness, durability and satisfaction through long periods of time, so you can focus on the more important parts of your business.

Take some time to browse through JME’s expansive selection of hoses, nozzles, and other pieces of service station equipment. We’re confident you’ll find something you need that will also save you time and money.


Filters remove particles and other contaminants from your gasoline, providing your customers with clean, efficient gas that gets them to where they need to go. Replacement filters are absolutely essential, and completely affordable if you purchase from JME.


Simply put, if a gas station hose is not working properly, it creates a bad impression and could be very dangerous to your customer, employees, and your business. JME offers extremely durable and economical hoses that last long after you receive a full return on investment.


One of the most noticeable aspects of a gas pump is its nozzle and handle. A faulty nozzle can result in overflowing gasoline, a dissatisfied customer, and a general bad impression if it looks beat up and worn. Whether you need a new diesel, standard fuel, or any other type of nozzle, JME has every nozzle you need within just a few clicks.

Service Station Equipment

Not every piece of equipment that will need replacing is involved in pumping gas or air. Service station equipment, such as cigarette receptacles, trash containers, and windshield service centers, also break down. Updating the less noticeable gas station supplies around the station can make a big impact aesthetically and functionally.